martedì 2 ottobre 2012

When Music meets Fashion

Listening to the Parisian rock band BB BRUNES, we are watching some Paris Fashion Week Shows via streaming. If we think about Paris of course we refer to a city where fashion music and art are together the pillars of a cool urban wave which is constantly evolving, imitating the past but also looking for the newest trends. 
Famous designers have always shown their interest in music. In 1970s Vivienne Westwood was the stylist of punk band Sex Pistols, Hedi Slimane published "The Rock Diary", the super cool photography book with portraits of rock stars, Karl Lagerfeld has made public his admiration for Florence and The Machine. These are just fews examples of the cool combination music and fashion.
So get inspiration from Rock n Roll, listen to some good music and dress up like a rock star. Wear black leather jacket and match it with a silk shirt or a rock tee, skinny jeans and ankle boots. Wear stripes, hats, vintage jewels and copy male rockstars' outfits. Keep on Rocking! 

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